HFOTCO is strategically located on the Houston Ship Channel in close proximity to both supply sources (residual fuel oil/feedstocks from refineries and domestic crude oil production) and demand sources (area refineries and waterborne export). HFOTCO's capacity is approximately 18.25 million barrels. The terminal stores, blends, and transports customers’ products via pipeline, ship, barge, rail and truck. HFOTCO serves major oil companies, small refiners, oil producers, trading houses and other niche companies. HFOTCO’s size, strategic location and extensive transportation infrastructure are all added value to the supply and logistics needs of customers.

Ship & Barge Docks

  • Five ship docks which can receive up to Suez-max vessels with 45-foot draft
  • Seven barge docks, most able to handle 2 tows simultaneously


  • Inbound Crude Oil 24” from  Speed Junction
  • Outbound Crude Oil 24” to Lyondell Basell’s Houston Refining and Valero’s Houston Refinery
  • Outbound Crude Oil 16” to Shell’s Deer Park Refinery

Truck & Rail

  • 72 rail spots for heated products
  • 14 truck spots heated products


  • 330 acres of waterfront land on the Houston Ship Channel
  • 12 acres of undeveloped land at Moore Road Junction, hub for multiple pipelines

Storage Tanks

  • 144 tanks ranging in size from 10 to 400,000 barrels
  • 18.25 million barrels of storage
    • 10.9 million barrels cone roof tanks all heated and insulated
    • 6.6 million barrels internal floating roof tanks for crude oil
    • 700,000 barrels of various refined product tanks
    • Existing available land can accommodate 2.25 million barrels of tanks
      • Permit in place to build an additional 1.25 million barrels as customer needs warrant