Products & Systems

Our commitment to the customer leads us to great efforts in research and development. The result is the quality products and constructive systems: 

  • Stylink® - Polymer modified asphalt: More than 15 years of experience and 30,000 km of paved roads in Mexico.
  • Styler® - Polymer modified asphalt emulsion.
  • MacroSello® System - Introduced in Mexico in 2001, this system is supported by the construction of surfaces using an irrigation system. Before applying the system, the particular existing conditions on the highways are considered to achieve maximum performance. Styler® technology is used along with one pass chip sealing equipment that allows the asphalt material to adhere to the rock. As a result, materials have been saved—the dispensing is controlled—and a uniform, secure surface layer, with quick return to traffic and high durability is achieved.
  • DuraMix® System - High performance cold-mix technology. This system’s application has been promoted since 2001. The objective is to develop high quality surfaces that have characteristics similar to hot mix with a savings of up to 25%. The result has been the production of better quality rural roads and greater conservation of federal highways. In addition, the DuraMix system reduces environmental pollution during the paving process.
  • Fillmix - This is a next generation product developed by our engineering division for permanent repair of potholes and shoving, involving design, processing and application of the asphalt mix, with complete technical support.  
  • Recycling Plus System - This system consists of full depth reclamation/ base stabilization. It increases the pavement’s structural capacity and supports flexibility. Following a specialized engineering design, the existing pavement and/or granular base is uniformly pulverized to a depth of 15 to 20 centimeters, treated with a special emulsion and then compacted.
  • RodaMat System - This new technology was introduced in Mexico in 2002 by SemMaterials Mexico. It consists of the application of an ultra-thin layer of hot mix over a highly adherent membrane and Stylink® technology in the polymer modification; the simultaneous mixing is done by equipment especially designed for that purpose. The result is a surface layer with a high level of noise absorption and above all makes for a very comfortable ride.
  • EverPAV™ System - This system combines superior performance asphalt products and regional aggregates. We use the most advanced technology for the application process and the result is a long-lasting paved surface, resistant to present and future loads and requires minimal maintenance. Our High Modulus Asphalt and Fatigue Resistant mixes are used to build roads with a world class “Perpetual Pavement” technology.