Crude Supply & Logistics

Rose Rock's crude supply and logistics segment operates a crude oil marketing business in the U.S. 

We mitigate the commodity price exposure of our crude oil marketing operations by limiting our net open positions through: (i) the concurrent purchase and sale of like quantities of crude oil to create "back-to-back" transactions intended to lock in positive margins based on the timing, location or quality of the crude oil purchased and delivered; or (ii) derivative contracts.

All marketing activities are subject to our Comprehensive Risk Management Policy, which establishes limits in order to attempt to manage risk and mitigate financial exposure.

Our crude oil purchases in our marketing operations are made at prices that are typically based on published or "posted" prices, plus or minus a differential. The differential is determined based on the grade of oil produced, transportation costs and competitive factors. Both the price and the differential change in response to market conditions. Posted prices can change daily and differentials, in general, can change every 30 days as contracts renew. We sell crude oil primarily to refiners and other resellers in various types of sale and exchange transactions, at market prices for terms ranging from one to twelve months.